11 reasons not to work for Pebble

Do you think you're a fit with our highly skilled, diverse and fun team? The we encourage you to get in touch with us. But first check out our 11 reasons not to work for Pebble.

Reason 1: You want a manager that tells you what to do

At Pebble, we highly value the initiative of every team member. Both yourself and your team are self-steering with a high amount of autonomy and the freedom to make your own decisions. If you want a manager that tells you exactly what to do and expects you to follow the marching orders, Pebble is definitely not your company!


Reason 2: You don’t make mistakes and never break stuff

If you never break stuff you should try harder doing so. In our agile mindset we see errors and mistakes as an opportunity to learn and grow. Did you know that we broke Azure event grid by exceeding the event limit of 5000 events per second? Breaking stuff is cool and fixing it is even cooler.


Reason 3: You’re working 9 to 5

The highly skilled work we do comes with the responsibility to deliver what we agree upon. However, you decide how you organize your work in terms of working hours. At Pebble, we clearly communicate and set clear expectations on what we deliver and give the individual the freedom to organize the way the work is done. As long as your team and your customer knows what and when to expect from you, we’re all happy…


Reason 4: You focus on technology only

IT and technology are a means, not the goal. Customers are not helped with a fancy high end data solution that does not address a business challenge. At Pebble, we create more value. We’re not an IT company but we deliver valuable business solutions and know a lot about IT ans cloud to deliver the best fit solution.


Reason 5: You want to drive big, polluting lease cars

Wrong! As part of our competitive benefits package is a mobility budget. You decide on your mobility options. Public transport, e-bikes or a car. If you choose a car, it’s electric. Besides the Pebble or customer offices, we also consider your home office as a formal place to work. For this, we provide a home office setup and a compensation for a working day at home. In this way we want to make a modest contribution towards less CO2 emission. Let us know if you have better ideas to make Pebble even greener!


Reason 6: You only mind your own business

Teamwork is our middle name. We believe that individuals grow bigger and brighter by working with other bright minds that challenge and motivate each other. That is why people that like to work in splendid isolation, only minding their own business should look further and not apply at Pebble!


Reason 7: You don’t like celebrations and drinks

Ouch! Because we do! We like to party after hard work. And we like to celebrate the value we deliver, preferably together with partners, customers and anyone else who contributed. Our office has a bar with a wide range of drinks, without and with alcohol. Besides visiting our own bar we also like to go out with our team. The yearly Xmas Event is a good example as well as summer BBQ’s our just a regular team meeting in a restaurant down town. Come and join the party if you like…


Reason 8: You love to do repetitive and manual work

If the above is the case, apply somewhere else. At Pebble we talk Infra-as-Code, CI/CD, automated deployment and testing. We love being lazy, just for the fact that we spend time on fun or valuable stuff rather than on repetitive keystrokes. Let us know if you have the same mindset and come join the fun.


Reason 9: You think you know it all

We’ve seen enough engineers and developers who are full of themselves and believe they’ve seen it all. Sitting in their own comfort zone of their area of knowledge, proud to have reached the level of a true expert and using that as a position of privilege. The times that platforms, environments and coding languages and standards rarely change are way past us. Also, we challenges ourselves to look broader than your own expertise and to understand the technical challenges of your fellow Pebblers. It is key to succes within Pebble (and for our customers) that we keep on learning and exploring.


Reason 10: You only want to work with people like yourself

Once upon a time, only really cool and smart people worked on IT and data. Also referred to as nerds. Nowadays our profession has matured and become an extremely crucial part of business processes. This calls for many more competencies besides technical skills. Pebble is very diverse in gender, age and culture. We believe that our company should resemble the society we live and work in. The advantage we notice is that our team gets better and stronger the more diverse we become. That is why we naturally believe in being an equal opportunity employer. Not to meet a quote but to become a better place to work. Both customers and Pebblers benefit!


Reason 11: You’re not competitive in office game competitions

Too bad! You miss out on the banter and the fun. We’re not only experts on cloud and data but also in table tennis, table soccer and pool billiards. And our Formula 1 simulation competition is already a Pebble classic story. If you’re not very competitive that’s actually fine, everyone’s free to try to beat the reigning Pebble champions at any time.

Maybe interesting?

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Maybe interesting?

Go back to the Careers page to check our vacancies!