We are Pebble

We are a group of highly talented professionals that are passionate about the digital transformation of your business using our cloud, data and automation solutions. Using our extensive experience in enterprise environments we believe in doing things differently, with the aim to create more value. We embrace change as a fact of life. We love your business dynamics.

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The base fundament of the Pebble Pyramid is the cloud platform. This is a generic layer that is not very business specific. This layer consists of the infra-as-code platform for the data and automation solutions. Keywords are CI/CD, DevOps and a software defined approach.



We are experts in creating value from data. We deliver data solutions that provide you with the information that you need - when you need it. Our solutions are data pipelines that we deploy, maintain and monitor on our automated cloud platform.



We optimize your business through solutions that automate manual tasks and integrate data. This gives you the time to focus on what is really important: Creating business value.

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We do not like hierarchy. Pebble is about unique individuals that combine their talents to form great teams. Our DNA is represented by our very own Pebble values.


We are living in a precious world. The natural resources of planet Earth are limited and if we don’t change the way we currently use these resources we will eventually exhaust our own planet. Pebble wants to leave a better, cleaner, healthier and happier world for ourselves, our children and all generations to follow. Although we are just small in this large world, we believe that change starts small. Think big, start small.